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Safety for the Soul
News release on mormon doctrine
Come, Join with Us
Lord, I believe

Chiasmus Resources
Chiasmus in the Book of Mormon (BoM Central)
Chiasmus Criteria

INDEXES (s.a. Chiasmus Resources link): Chiasmus Exchange,
Chiasmus Conference 2017 August BYU
Jubilee Evening
-Holland – Greatness of the Evidence
Session 1, Chiasmus Methodology: Criteria, Character, and Terminology, Daniel C. Peterson moderating.
Neal Rappleye – Chiasmus Criteria in Review
Boyd F. Edwards – Statistics, Probability, and Evaluation of Chiasmus
Stephen Kent Ehat – Characteristics of Chiasms: Itentifying…Humility
Noel B. Reynolds – Chiasmus and Hebrew Rhetoric
Open Discussion – When is a Chiasm a Chiasm
2nd Session – Chiasmus and Textual Criticism, Robert F. Smith Moderating
Bernard Levinson – The Pleasures and Perils of Chiasmus
David Rolph Seely – Deuteronomy and Jeremiah
Donald W. Parry – Chiasmus in Isaiah…
Royal Skousen – Poetic Structures and Textual Criticism of the Book of Mormon
Session 3: Chiasmus and Ancient Cultures, Jacob A. Rennaker moderating
Gary A. Rendburg – Chiasmus in Genesis
Steven R. Scott – C in Gilgamesh and Genesis flood
John W. Welch – Narrating Homicides Chiastically
Kerry Hull – Chiastic Messaging in Mesoamerican Texts
Session 4: Chiasmus in the NT, Eric D. Huntsman Moderating
George Mlakuzhyil C in…John
Steven R. Scott – Methodology..John
Wayne Brouwer – 4th gospel
H. Douglas Buckwalter – Centurion

Church History Library (SEARCH)
Dan Vogel–Early Mormon Documents
List of History Attempts
Millennial Star (…+ vol 44 Millennial Star)
Timeline of Events (Joseph Smith Papers) and at ProphetJosephSmith.org
History of the Church (History of the Church_7 vols, Roberts beginning 1902, from Manuscript HC finished in 1858. Don’t say “Documentary HC”);
(annotated, at BOAP)
A Comprehensive History of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: Century I (Comprehensive History of the Church_1930 Roberts, 6 vols)

D&C Sections–earliest versions at JS Papers
D&C at LDS.org
Doctrine and Covenants Editions
D&C Sections x Date x D&C Edition Table
Book of Commandments sections x 1833/1835/1981
D&C Student Manual (history background)
John Whitmer translations at JS papers (mostly early Book of Commandments)
Revelation Book 1: Digging In [Rigdon’s changes, etc.]
Mormon Church History – Blogspot (comprehensive)
JS Journal 1832 (History of the Life of JS, by JS)
The Journal of Joseph: The Personal History of a Modern Prophet

Laphan interview with JS Senior (finding interpreters)

First: White
Second: Green: for sale here. Rickgrunder sold
Third: Brown: Wikipedia

Jacob Whitmer: for sale at Rickgrunder

Book of Mormon Central
The Earliest Text (pdf)
The Earliest Text (google books)
Printer’s Manuscript
1830 with modern ch, verse (& parallels)
The Joseph Smith Papers: 1830, 1837, 1840, 1841
1840, 1830, 1908RLDS
Modern: various formats at project Gutenberg
Book of Mormon Online
Modern: at LDS.org (with footnotes)
1830 text copiable (pdf?) & SEARCHABLE and html with chapter/verse
1830 to 2013 nearly all “facsimiles” + some O
1840 edition searchable on Google
1874 on Google
1903 on Google
1913 on Google
1981 on Google
116 lost pages — story by JS Sr

Encyclopedia of mormonism

OED (library card: 1000126026342)
Loma Linda U Bible Study Tools
Google Ngram Viewer
“Middle English Dictionary” shows old quotes e.g. Chaucer
Overview of English through time
OLD English up to 1150AD
Middle English: (1150-1500) (read online)
Middle English Grammar and Dictionaries (also tabs for older and newer)
Early Modern English (1500-1700)

Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture (positive only; articles free; independent; comments online; Hales, Skousen, Tvedtnes) — Wikipedia, style guide (see 4.7 for italics)
Shaken Faith Syndrome (review)
Finding Parallels: Cautions and Criticisms
Journal of Book of Mormon Studies (positive only; articles free; Maxwell Institute; no comments; scholars)
Liahona…Jonathan Curci
Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought (very broad, independent; pro/COn; Stan Larson, David Wright).
The Claremont Journal of Mormon Studies (mostly for Grad Students at Claremont)
International Journal of Mormon Studies (Europe based, very broad, friendly) Wikipedia
Mormon Studies Review (Maxwell institute; reviews and book reviews) Wikipedia
BYU Studies Quarterly (BoM papers) (BYU authors only?; Skousen, etc.; BYU; articles not free or online)
Sunstone (literature and essay)
The Joseph Smith Papers (incl BoM 1830, 1837, 1840, 1841 in ‘revelations and translations’)
Maxwell Institute papers in directory (many……..)
Book of Abraham (Plain and Simple)
Oliver Cowdery, Emma Smith
BYU Studies (BoM papers)
Improvement Era, more

The Miraculous Translation of the Book of Mormon. John W. Welchlots of witness testimony: in hat see “not the stone”, but parchment. blanket, at no time hidden [so stone not needed. like john’s. in view of family]
Come to Zarahemla (evidences for both theories)
Brant Gardner: [I have it]
Skousen: “Hebraisms in the original text of the Book of Mormon. God “if perfectly willing to speak to his ‘servants in their weakness'”: bad Grammar is divine.
Skousen on evid of tight [came from Lord, in JS own language, with grammatical errors]
Joseph Smith: “The Gift of Seeing”[multiple seer stones, could be deceived, UT applied]
BH ROBERTS Defense of the Faith
lots of quotes on UT, transl (some unique ones)
Skousen on JS not the translator, 1500, 1600 language
Stephen D. Ricks loose theory has refs on not needing stone/UT and lots of witness accounts
The Spectacles, the Stone, the Hat… 2013 paper

Michael R Ash – Deseret News
Stephen D. Ricks – Maxwell Institute


Dramatic Script (JeffLindsay)

At JeffLindsay
Daniel C. Peterson

Sunstone summary

Don Bradley: donbradleyutah@cs.com
Grant Hardy
Jared Hickman: interview
Samuel Brown: Samuelbrown.net; working with Jared Hickman on a book on BoM translation; glossolalic v xenoglossic translation model. Book on metaphysics of translation to come out about Mar 2018,
Blake Ostler: expansionist theory ((Ostler’s theory isn’t merely a loose translation theory but also postulates that the text was treated to revision more akin to what we see with the JST))
Brent A. Gardner — The Gift and the Power: Translating the Book of Mormon (no to if..and, yes to copying kjv). discussion on new book
Stan Larson (no to everything”)
Royal Skousen

BOOK OF MORMON TRANSLATION CHRONOLOGY (Welch, Miraculous translation, 82…)
1827 Sep 21-22 JS obtained plates
1827 Dec OR 1828 Jan JS, Emma move to Harmony, PE to Isaac Hale home, shortly to a place nearby.
1827 Dec – 1828 Feb JS translated some characters, Emma, Reuben Hale as scribes.
1828 Apr 12 – Jun 14 116 pages translated by Martin, Emma scribe (and maybe Reuben). Martin says he “wrote for him about one third.” Plates were “usually in the Hale house” 116 pages soon taken to Palmyra.
1828 Joseph Knight visited from Colesville.
1828 July JS goes to parent’s home in Manchester to meet Martin. UT and plates taken by the angel.
1828 July-Sept. UT returned long enough for JS to receive revelation chastising him for allowing “the counsel of thy director to be trampled upon” then taken again.
1828 Sep 22 JS again obtains UT (Lucy has plates in crossout; DW says plates not returned, but UT of “another pattern” provided.)
1828 Winter. JS and Emma visit Joseph Knight.
1829 Feb JS parents come from Manchester NY to Harmony. JS receives DC 4. The Lord first appears to Oliver.
1829 Mar A few pages are translated (Emma and Sameul Smith as scribes)
1829 Apr 5 Oliver arrives in Harmony
1829 Apr 7 Oliver begins as scribe, prob “shortly after Mosiah 1”
1829 Apr Oliver attempts to translate. DC 7-9 recieved
1829 May ~10 JS and Oliver went to visit Joseph Knight in Colesville (Coleville) and he gave them paper.
Joseph Knight visited them several times during May from at least 30 miles (farm in Broome Co.) to take writing paper (foolscap) and other provisions.
1829 May 15. Aaronic Priesthood restored.(had just translated in 3 Nephi)
1829 May 25 Samuel Smith baptized
JS and Oliver told through UT to baptize each other.
1829 May DC 10, 11.
JS by UT told to write to David Whitmer to ask to go to his house
1829 June (late) the translation finished
1829 June 1-3 JS, Oliver move with David Whitmer to Peter Whitmer home in Fayette, Seneca Co., NY. Emma soon followed.
1829 June 4-30 translation completed upstairs room in Whitmer home. Scribes: Oliver, John (per himself, JS), prob Christian (per DW), possibly Emma (per DW).
1829 June ~5-15 DC 14, 15, 16, 18.
1829 June ~20 D&C 17 by UT; Three Witnesses see plates in Fayette.
1829 June ~25 Eight Witnessas handle plates in Manchester.
1829 Nov Oliver reaches Alma 36 of Printer’s Manuscript
1830 Mar 26 Publication of the Book of Mormon completed.

EMODE Databases: See “Primary Sources” before Notes in Carmack
2016 Skousen and Carmack at FairMormon
It came to pass…and [Note that NASB, when not literal, will have literal translation in notes, except e.g. “and” (punctiation) and “it came about that”]
Skousen: The Archaic Vocabulary of the BoM
Hebraisms in the Book of Mormon
Skousen Does the BoM need edited. [nothing that entered engl lang after 1700; post changes not revelation/inspired]
Extra And’s (And..If): Skousen, and more stuff (see comment on spelling uniformity)
wikipedia linguistics
Behold I (in Moses) – Kent P. Jackson
Book of Mormon Word Cloud/Bubble


  • Vol 0. The Earliest Text (2009) (google books) and Articleskousen summarizes kinds of changes from O, JS received text word for word, later JS revisions not revealed but maybe confirmed
    Skousen Google Book (The BoM: the earliest text).
  • Vol 1. The Original Manuscript (2001). We have OM for
    1 N 2:2 – 13:35; 14:11-end
    2 N 1:0-1:30; 4:32-9:42; 23:0-25:28; 33:4-end
    Jacob 1:0-4:14; 5:46-end
    Enos 1:0-1:14
    Alma 10:31-11:46; 12:18-13:16; 19:3-20:22; 22:22-60:22; 61:11 – Helaman 3:21
    Helaman 13:36-end
    (1830 Helaman 13-end of BoM was printed from OM)
    3 N 1:0-4:2; 19:26-21:11; 26:4-27:7
    Ether 3:9-15:17
  • Vol 2. The Printer’s Manuscript (2001, 2 parts; =JSP Rev and Trans, Vol 3, 2015).
  • Vol 3. The History of the Text (2016, 4 parts; Skousen and Carmack).
    • -parts 1-2, 2016. Grammatical Variation
    • -part 3, 2017. The Original Language
    • -part 4, 2017. Spelling in the Manuscripts and Editions
    • -part 5, 2018. The Transmission of the Text
    • -part 6, 2018. Textual Criticism of the Book of Mormon
  • Vol 4 Analysis of Textual Variants, Vols. 1, 2, 4 (2004-2009, 6 parts)
  • Vol 5 A Complete Electronic Collation of the Book of Mormon (~2019)
  • Skousen CRITICAL TEXT PROJECT Summary: [english is from 1500 and 1600s, JS was not the translator into english, hebraisms largely eliminated by JS for 1937 edition).

Significant Textual Changes in the Book of Mormon Skousen’s review of Dinger
The Book of Mormon vs. the Critics: Nit-Picking for Fun and Profit (fairlds.org)
3,913 Changes in the Book of Mormon (Tanners)
Book of Mormon/Textual changes (fairmormon.org)
JS Papers (1830,37,40,41)
understanding text changes in BoM and 2011 George Horton
Text changes in 1837,40 Stan Larson
Brent Gardner disses if..and (but see if the if..then instances are shorter length [easier for JS to catch], and if in book of Moses is a phase 1 or phase 2 translation. evidence shows he corrects 1 to the other. incredible that he would say it. look for other expl for his one written example. compare frequency.
*s.a. ISAIAH below for Stan Larson, Oliver Cowdery



changes through years

OT 1 AT JS papers

BoA project
BoA (at JeffLindsay)
Facimiles (good pictures and Smith’s explanations at Lightplanet, with links to papers by Hugh Nibley and John Gee)
at JS papers and more
B o A (at Fairmormon.org)
Joseph Smith Papyri (Wikipedia)
The Joseph Smith Hypocephalus Seventeen Years Later by Michael D. Rhodes
Tim Barker’s The Book of Abraham
JS Papers: OT Revision 1 [dictated manuscript]
or Amazon hardcover
Joseph Smith Translation on Kindle Cloud Reader
Royal Skousen review of Joseph Smiths New Translation of the Bible: Original Manuscripts [excellent on some JST changes being faulty, etc.]
Stan Larson Sermon on Mt
Robert Cloward Sermon on Mt
Robert J. Matthews 1992. Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible (JST)
Kent P. Jackson 2009. New Discoveries in the Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible [Genesis 1–24 and Matthew 1–John 5 dictated same way]
2 Enoch (and Wikipedia)
JST side by side w kjv
JST alone
OT3 an Early Manuscript of the Book of Moses [side copy, but tells manusc. relationships]
Ancient Affinities within the LDS Book of Enoch
Kent P. Jackson, Peter M. Jasinski. The Process of Inspired Translation: Two Passages Translated Twice in the Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible
Kent P. Jackson. 2010. Joseph Smith’s New Translation of the Bible, 1830 [***shows main focus (outside of revealed texts) is to improve readability and avoid doctrine conflicts (Judas as friend)]
KJV/JST Side By Side
JST on Kindle $5
[I have it on tablet Kindle. s.a. Isaiah]
Robert Matthews: The Book of Moses [gives corr betw Genesis and Moses, scribes, dates]

ISAIAH, other Bible / KJV in BoM
Is/BoM Side by Side
Is/JST Side By Side
Isaiah quoted/alluded in NT (therain.org)
How OT Quoted in NT (sausage; therain.org)
KJV text (Authorized version with italics)
BoM and Isaiah crosswalk
Isaiah Variants in the Book of Mormon (and David P. Wright’s rebuttal)
Why BoM quotes Isaiah and Why not match original Hebrew and BoM Isaiah v JST – Fairmormon
Isaiah time periods
Corresponding Isaiah/BoM chapters and scattered verses
Italics (~ the same now as in JS day)
Relation of BoM and Bible text (many quotes, history)
skousen on larson Is 48:11 in O strikeout
Skousen on Isaiah 48:11 (says O.C. went back later and changed this and work by other scribes, in P then O [not for 48:11])
Isaiah BoM ch/fragments next to Is (note 21:25 quoted twice in BoM differently. ***Appears that Is chapters copies as block and Mni only edits for clarity or that JSOC made most minor edits or that 2N6:17 is a paraphrase.
**In BoM: Is 2-14 Is 29 Is 48-54
**Joseph Smith made a large number of conjectures (198 of them) in his editing for the second edition of the Book of Mormon (published in 1837). For the third edition (published in 1840), he made 19 more conjectures. In most of these cases, Joseph was simply trying to remove difficult readings from the text. Many of these original, difficult readings are, nonetheless, acceptable. (Only about 16 percent of Joseph Smith’s 1837 conjectures are accepted – and even less for the 1840 conjectures, about 11 percent.) I suspect Joseph often thought “That reading is difficult for people to understand, so let’s change it to this.” —Skousen
Stan Larson “Textual Variants in Book of Mormon Manuscripts” Dialogue. p. 11 . Only Is in O is 1N 20, 21. JS changes mind on Isaiah 48:11 (1N 20:11) how should to will not. and partial (needless) rebuttal by skousen and
Skousen on Oliver making Isaiah change
Knox bible Is 48:11
Dead sea scrolls Is 48 and more
Salamance bible Is 48
Maxwell inst Isaiah Variants in BoM and Isaiah scrolls
Biblical texts introduced into the book of mormon (anti, lots of quotes)
BH roberts thought BoM Is copies because translating lots of work
**The 21 chapters of Isaiah which are quoted (Chapters 2-14, 29, and 48-54) either partially or completely, represent about one-third of the book of Isaiah: All are from proto or deutero isaiah: Proto-Isaiah (real isaiah) (chapters 1–39) 740-700 BC; Deutero-Isaiah (chapters 40–55) 550-515 BC, the work of an anonymous 6th-century BC author writing during the Exile; Trito-Isaiah (chapters 56–66) 515-480 BC,
TEST how do JS changes in JST (w/o BoM fragment corrolaries) compare with BoM Is chapters? Those changes different purpose/style prob moroni or original.
Analysis: Diachronic or Synchronic
Benjamin Seeker’s Intertextuality and Ammon and Gifts of the Spirit
Randall Bowen: KJV in BoM

regarding disassebling interp, early seer stones

Wordle.net (needs Java) [Do in Safari–LANGUAGE: Leave words as spelled, remove common English words; FONT: league gothic; LAYOUT: mostly horizontal, prefer alphabetical, rounder edges, maximum words…30, COLOR: BW…paste in with 500 width and say “Jacob 5 Word Cloud from Wordle.net”]
VocabGrabber [show cloud or list, sort by A-Z or frequency or familiarity, gives word count]
TagCrowd [show frequencies, eliminate words, set number of words]
Wordsift [A-Z or Common-Rare, Highlight individual words]
Jason Davies Word Cloud Generator [colorful. Set font, number of words]
Image Chef Word Mosaic [messages in shapes]


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