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NASB/ASB the most literal translations and more [Note that NASB, when not literal, will have literal translation in notes, except e.g. “and” (punctiation) and “it came about that”]
1610 A.D. Douay Old Testament, 1582 A.D. Rheims New Testament (Read online) [To/from in Matt 5:42] (The 1750 revision of DR is closer to 1611 KJV than 1610 DR)
Bibles-Online.Net (ONLINE FACSIMILES of all up to 1611: Geneva, Bishops, Great, etc.)
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LATIN/VULGATE (see above also)
SacredBible.org — Vulgate with interlinear English (see index page for documentation)
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Oxford 2009 New English Translation of the Septuagint
LSA Greek-English Lexicon, Transliteration of Greek characters (Wikipedia)

Huge Number of Versions (incl old, Greek, Hebrew) (StudyBible.info); Study Bible [strongs has easy hebrew script]; “browse by book” gives hebrew and greek for each word,
BibleHub multi (Hebrew w and w/o vowel marks)
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Scripture4All-org Hebrew Interlinear
Hebrew words w/o the vowel marks***: StudyBible.info IHOT Interlinear
Hebrew INTERLINEAR Bible (biblehub.com)

א = uh_oh. ב = v with lips only. ג no dot = friction betw soft palate and back of tongue. ד no dot = th in the. ח (gutteral) = h while constricting muscles of throat. ט = t but tongue curved and farther back; כ no dot = “bach” friction soft palate and mid tongue like clearing throat. ע = the vowel while constricting throat (gagging). פ no dot = f with lips only. צ = s with tongue curved and farther back. ק = k but farther back? ר = rolled like spanish but with tongue on teeth. ת dot = t; no dot = th in throw.
Pronounce Hebrew Letters (Ancient)
U of W Biblical Hebrew (use for Alef-Bet spelling, writing, pronounce, translit)
Notes on Biblical Hebrew (use for vowels, shwa, etc.)
Judaism101 Alefbet (see Alefbet section for links to vids)
Hear/Practice the Alef-bet, Genesis 1:1-2
Simplified Vowels
Hebrew 4 Christians (10 lessons)
OT Hebrew Lexicon
Animated Hebrew (chalkboard sound lessons — full course)
BYUHebrew.com (131,132) (full powerpoints, resources)
Blakely 35 lessons (full; simple pdfs)
Old Testament Quotes in the New Testament

Academic (SBL) transliteration of Greek and Hebrew
Hebrew4Christians Consonant and Vowel Simpler transliterations
Heb&Zionism |
mb-soft |
ANSI transliteration
wiki: Alphabet
wiki: Romanization

ENGLISH (complete) BIBLES (through 19th Century)
* 1380 Wickliffe (manuscripts)
* 1526 Tyndale NT
* 1535 Coverdale (incl. Tyndale NT and Pentateuch; 1st complete Bible in Modern English)
* 1537 Matthew (“Matthew-Tyndale” by John Rogers; revision of the Coverdale; text of Tyndale Pentateuch and NT, Coverdale, Rogers; 1st Bible based solely on Greek/Hebrew)
* 1539 Taverner (minor revision of Matthews) Wiki Scan
* 1539 Great Bible (by Coverdale for King Henry VIII; revision of the Matthew; 1st “Authorized”)
* 1560 Geneva Bible (by Coverdale et al.; Bible of Shakespeare, Reformation; 1st with numbered verses; most popular bible for 100 yrs)
* 1568 Bishops (major revision in 1572, mostly by Anglican bishops; revision of the Great; the second “Authorized” in England) ****Psalms radically differed, then changed back in 1577 *** Matthew Parker did Genesis, Matthew ****
* 1610 Douay-Rheims (major rev 1750 q.v.; Roman Catholic; NT in 1582) Wiki
* 1611 King James Bible (rev of Bishops with most of rest from Geneva; the final “Authorized”)
* 1750 Douay-Rheims (most) Challoner (using KJV as base text) Wiki
* 1764 Quaker (Purver) Bible Wiki Vol1-PsalmsVol 2 Proverbs-
* 1818 London: Longman (for John Bellamy) facgoo [newly translated out of hebrew. not kjv]
* 1833 Webster Wiki
* Joseph Smith Wiki
* 1862/1881/1898 Young’s Literal Translation (YLT)
* 1885 (E)RV (English) Revised Version (only one “Authorized” after KJV….precursor of ASV 1901, RSV 1952/71, NRSV, ESV 2001) Wiki
* 1890 Darby Wiki (By him and his students [OT])

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